Mass balances:

Gas distribution measurements above the combustion grating
By examining the relevant concentrations of the individual components in the flue gas it is possible to determine, for example, whether imbalances exist within the grating in the primary air supply, which cause inconsistencies in combustion. The findings acquired from this can be used to make specific adjustments, to optimise your process this way.

Energy balances:

Calculation of R1 indicator
By examining the amount of fuel you burn (waste, coal, etc.), the energy it produces in the form of vapour and/or electricity, as well as the energy losses and own needs, it is possible to calculate the R1 indicator using a formula developed specifically for this by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. It provides feedback on whether the plant functions in an environmentally efficient way or not. If it does, then the authorities will grant the so-called recovery status. This is particularly worth having, because it can be used, for example, to burn particularly valuable waste. The calculation looks at individual enthalpy flows and offsets them against one another.