Studies from various environmental technologies; areas such as dusts, ashes, process water and corrosion damage.

Wet chemical analysis

- Chloride according to Mohr (DIN 38405-1,2)
- Calcium Ca(OH)2 (VGB M703)
- Acid-base titration
- Sulphate
- Carbonate
- Sulphate according to (VGB M703)

Instrumental analysis

- Ammonium, ISE (S114500-NH3D/ VDI 3496/ Bl.1)
- Fluoride ISE (DIN 38405-1)
- Conductivity
- Humidity, also in N2 atmosphere (DIN 51718)-(DIN EN12880)
- Ash content (DIN 51719)
- Ion chromatography (anions + cations)
- TOC/ TEC/ TIC (thermal gradient method with Leco-412)
- Calcium carbonate (thermal gradient method with Leco-412)
- Mercury (cold vapour-AAS)
- XFS and XRD
- Heavy metal analysis using ICP-OES

Special analytical methods

- Tamped density (DIN ISO 787/11)
- Determination of density with aerometer and hydrometer
- Surface analysis (BET particle size distribution)
- Air permeability of fabrics
- REM/EDX examinations
- Sample preparation (partition, drying, grinding, homogenisation)
- Sedimentation